Dorset Art Weeks 2018

It’s that time again, when artists all over Dorset prepare – with varying degrees of pressure and panic, for Dorset Art Weeks.
This will be the 6th time I have taken part in a variety of venues, including my home, an antiques showroom and Gaunts house, and have also helped the area co-ordinator by distributing all the marketing material to the local artists, ie brochures, banners and road signs etc. We even have little badges this year!

I am pleased to say, this hansome beast is coming back on loan for the exhibition

For anyone not familiar with this event, it is a truly amazing opportunity to look through the brochure, choose the artists that you wish to see, and travel around the Dorset countryside over 16 days tracking them down. Many people plan days out around the venues too.

I have a bit of an admission to make… I had this grand plan of working intensively creating 30 new still life paintings after Christmas however… there was an unseasonal influx, or I should say deluge of new commissions ordered. I completed most of them, had a bit of a rest and then – another deluge. As I write this I have 15 in, not counting the 2 that went out last week. That’s my excuse anyway. I did manage to complete 8 new still life paintings, and have finished some other previous ones too. Because I didn’t take part last time, I have plenty to fill the walls so it will all be just fine, she says calmly.

If you would like a brochure, they are available almost everywhere including many Tourist Information Centres and cafes across Dorset. I have some too, if you let me know fairly promptly as they are flying off the shelf.

The Valentine Gallery will be open 11-5 every day from the 26th May – 10th June except Mondays and Tuesdays.
For more details visit the Event Page