A new year, a new website and the start of a new road to some long-held goals.

Hello and welcome to the first blog post on my new website. My lovely partner, Vlad, has built me a new website – his first without using a ‘build your own’ type. There is a lot to do to make it the all singing all dancing website we dream of, but it is well on its way.

On the 5th January I started full-time study at the Sarum Studio. The tutor, Nicolas Beer, was senior instructor and artist-in residence at the famous Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence for 20 years. He teaches the sight-size method employed by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Philip de László, Sir Thomas Lawrence and Henry Raeburn.

I had the opportunity to train at one of the studios in Florence a few years ago but decided to buy the gallery instead. Now the training has come to Salisbury, in a building overlooking the beautiful cathedral. I plan to study full-time for the first two terms this year, giving me the second half of the year to concentrate on my other plans. I will do the same in 2016 as well.

I will keep you up to date with my progress with this blog which will include lots more photographs!

Below is a charcoal drawing from a cast. Just a work in progress, the complete image will be posted soon.

Click to enlarge image

Fiona Stolze and James Meiklejohn have both challenged me to post 3 images of my work each day for five days on Facebook. This will start on Monday, so make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page.

Annabelle Valentine

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